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A Must Have In Any Growing Business

Google is by far one of thee most profitable search engine for SMEs of all industries and sizes. If you are not already advertising on the Google Ads platform, you are missing out on developing a sustainable profit stream.

“The U.S. Small Business Administration recommends spending 7 to 8 percent of your gross revenue for marketing and advertising if you’re doing less than $5 million a year in sales and your net profit margin—after all expenses—is in the 10 percent to 12 percent range.” -Boykin (2019), Small Business Chron.

We recommend having a monthly budget of at least $200 to $300 p/m. If you are new, Google offers a $100 coupon in ads after you spend $25. This provides flexibility to test out your ads with our campaign structuring and develop it into a profitable semi self-sustaining ecosystem.

Google consists of a complex system with a multitude of ad preferenes to reach your business goals. Whether you want o build brand awareness, get more leads or sell more products, this search engine leverages over 90% of internet users.

Shopping Ads


If you are selling a physical product, or brand name product then Google Shopping ads is a great solution to reaching more customers in the buying phase. We use a specific strategy to keep cost per acquisition low and campaigns profitable.

Search Text Ads

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Search Text ads are by far one of the most effective way for SMEs to capture early leads and market their services locally or globally to individuals actively looking for their services. Through a strategic campaign structure and implementation of keywords, Search Text Ads can take your business to the next level.

Display Ads


Great for branding and building awareness for your business. This is also a instrumental tool in a re-targeting segment called “dynamic re-targeting” where you can get your ads back in front of the people who may have forget about your services or maybe just decided, “not right now”. We can for example market them a specific unique offer.

Effective Ad Campaign Management

We will establish a proper foundation for your ad account and utilize our unique structuring to position your business for short and long-term efficiency.

Running Effective Ads

There’s a reason why SMEs make Millions of dollars every year with Google as a primary method of marketing. With the right application of method and strategy, it is always possible to scale up and maintain a profitable ROI. 

Ignoring Google Ads

This is not to say that if you don’t run Google Ads, your business will not be successful, but you are missing out on one of the most profitable advertising platforms in the world. Here is a list of what you’re missing out on.

"It's not as simple as set 'em up and make money people"

Your Google ads campaign is only as effective as your knowledge of the platform and its resources. Think of it like a calculator. A calculator is only as useful as the person who knows how to use it. Of course, you can learn and that comes with time, trial and error.  Our goal isn’t to convince you to not learn how to run ads yourself, but to extend our hand as a service that will place you on a path in the direction of growth.

Targeting Customers by Phase

Meet AIDA! Our good friend helps us understand the underlined though-process of buyers through specific phases. 


Consumers at this stage are only beginning to realize certain pain points. In fact, they still may even be trying to term what exactly the problem is. They are basically surfing the web for information. No salesy pitches at this level. We are strictly educational at this stage and it can pay off BIG in the long-run.

Interest (consideration)

At this phase, your customers know what their problem is and now are looking for a solution.  Potential buyers are doing their research, comparing and contrasting potential approaches to their problem.  Here we are focused on content that will provide a solution. This is our chance to stand out, display depth and show we are truly knowledgeable in our field. Consumers always want a great deal from the best.


Buyers are now ready to part ways with their money for a solution. Here, we want to make our best offer and provide rationale as to why we are the best choice. Are chances of being chosen greatly increase if the buyer has interacted with our business through the earlier stages.

No More Guessing! Knowledge is Power!

Have you had a Bad Experience?


“Google ads doesn’t work for my business! It’s just a giant scam and everyday I have marketers from every direction pitching me their services for exorbitant fees” 

We could take a moment to bash the unethical and unscrupulous tactics of some marketers, or even point fingers at Google for their “Spend more” advice. A Google partners badge has somewhat lost its meaning overtime and now it has become a free-for-all. Now, Marketers of all levels  and experience are offering their services for rock-bottom fees. This often leads to a big problem because as saturation increases, quality walks out the door. Our job in offering Ad Management services is to clearly communicate goals, mange your expectations and deliver realistic results.

A Positive Relationship starts with honesty and trust.

We Treat Your business As if it was our own. You're Safe with us.

We are so confident in the services we offer that we are we offer Free-Trial periods to local SMEs and Free account assessments for digital-based businesses.

Our team has years of experience in managing, operating and maintaining Google ad campaigns. In as little as 3 months, we can often put new, or unprofitable accounts  in a positive position by implementing our unique Google Ads strategy for each buyer phase and ad format.

Our approach is centered around building a long-term relationship, that entails trust, ethics and honesty. We encourage you to strictly vet us and ask the tough questions!

Affordable Plans for every budget

1-month Plan

2-month Plan(15% Off)

3-month Plan(20% Off)

Note* The prices displayed cover our services and not ad expenditures. We ask that clients have at least $200 p/m. This does not mean we will spend that exact amount, but will allow us to give the campaign a proper chance at success. These plans work best for local SME services and High-ticket drop shipping.

Act Now and Save 50%

Get 50% off on your 1st Month Ads and leverage the power of ppc.

Schedule a strategy session and if we're a good fit, we will manage your ads for 50% Off the 1st Month!


Deal only applies for 1st month of service

Got A Website?

Successful ads are only one piece of the puzzle. Your website has to come across as clean, professional and authoritative for prospective customers to take action. One can not simply exist without the other. Very nice website, but no ads, means poor results as does very good ads, but a poor website. No Fear, we got you covered!

Still Undecided?

Schedule a Free Consulation!

Chat with one of our team members and see if our services match your businesses needs. Remember at the end of the day, its never about the value of the service, but instead of the value of the problem that we solve. Speak with Michael or Alexis Today and learn more about us!

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