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In our own words, Bing is a search engine that operates very much the same like Google, but with varying functions in algorithm. 

If you are a local or digital-based business, advertising on Bing could extend your reach and find you more customers looking for your services/products.

Although there is no accurate time-frame for which we can guarantee results, we generally being to gather useful data around the 2 week mark. This can include conversions, meetings booked, sales, etc.

  1. If you are new to Bing, you will qualify for a $100 coupon with $25 in ad spend. This is a great opportunity to test out Bing ads and let us manage them for you.
  2. Did you know 3/10 people use Bing’s search engine? This includes Yahoo, AOL, MSN and Bing together. The market is much more rich and refined as well.

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