Building Our Digital Presence With Ads

Mapping out an Effective Marketing Strategy

You shouldn’t be surprised that most, if not all people starting out run ads with no real strategy. Throw a bunch of darts at the wall and pray that one hits the bulls-eye or at least hits something. There are an array of search engines and social media platforms offering endless possibilities, but at its core, Google, Bing, Facebook are the 3 main platforms where are experience is extensive. here we will go over them in brief.

Finding the Right Customer at the Right Time

Improve Your ROI and Grow With Google Ads.

Mature Niche With Spending Power

Google is Bing and Bing is Google...Not Quite!

Google and Bing are very similar in terms of structure and format. It goes without saying that Google is the front runner in terms of innovative design, user experience and overall popularity, but don’t sleep on Bing. Bing Ads can be just as profitable, if not more for our business. There is a highly rich, mature audience that uses Bing, MSN, AOL and Yahoo. Within the Bing network, we can advertise to viewers using any of these search engines.

Social Growth is now more important than ever!

Where Facebook is Most Effective in High Ticket

If your aim to build a profitable high-ticket e-commerce website then Facebook should not be your primary method of achieving conversions. The type of interest and buyer intention on Facebook as a whole is ever-changing, but still very low. Facebook is great for finding leads in terms of local service based work, but for the sale of high-ticket products (+$300 items) is not common. Instead we do something a little different to ensure that the clicks coming from your Facebook ads are uniquely qualified customers and not random shoppers with no interest.

Profitable B2B Relationships built on Trust.

Quickly Build your network and leads with LinkedIn

You may have heard it in the past, but your network is your net worth. LinkedIn is a powerful platform for connecting with B2B peers. With our strategy, we aim to manage your Linkedin Profile, revamp it and build you profitable relationships based on trust. This is done by linking you with the type of customers you want to do business with. We work closely with you through an extensive, highly specific but proven process to connect you with at least 1000 people per month! 

Adstronauts Digital Marketing
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