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Drop Shipping

Drop shipping is an order fulfillment strategy whereby a merchant markets and sells products and forwards those orders to a supplier who fulfills and ships orders on behalf of the merchants request.

Absolutely! There is a method to the madness, but to really get the most out of drop shipping, we recommend our clients to opt for High-ticket products. That is, products with an average price of +$300. Not to worry though for those of you who want to focus on lower priced items as we also have a strategy for your business depending on your budget.

This strategy is best suited for e-commerce businesses selling brand named products. If you are drop shipping generic products from China, we suggest you view our AliExpress Google Shopping Strategy.

Shopify provides all the tools you need to be a successful entrepreneur in the 21st century. The best part is that the packages are affordable and empowers you to run a fully functional business whether in the office of on a mobile phone.

Drop Shipping Business Model

Power of Google Shopping

At first glance, Google shopping may seem pretty self-explanatory, but when we take a deeper look, we find out the system is actually quite unique! Through years of our own researching, spending and testing we have found a 3-tiered strategy that has by far been the most cost-effective marketing strategy for businesses selling brand name products.

Pros & Cons

Pros and Cons Of Google Shopping



Good News

Our strategy serves as a solution to all the cons. We will uniquely structure and keyword filtrate to put your ads in profitable positions for high converting search terms and bidding as low as possible for low converting search terms.  This strategy can take some time, but once it gets rolling, you will see it is highly effective in  improving Clickthrough-Rate (CTR),  lowering Cost-Per-Click (CPC) as well as your Cost-Per-Acquisition (CPA). All of these factors play into your ad score and how often google favors your ads. Remember above all, Google’s aim is to offer their users “the best” experience, so imagine what that means if your website is converting well on their platform? That tells them you have a good ad and it will be shown more often for less money.

Past Results

We're Not All Talk Either

Below is a screen-shot of an Google account under our management. We were able to get this store to average +$35,000 consistently for the last  3 months with an insanely low CPC. The screen shot below is of one week in February 2020.

Store Details

Before taking over this account, the client was running a default campaign with all products in one ad group. We also saw that they had a short run with a SMART shopping campaign (just another word for automated) which basically relinquishes any control you had on your account and gives it to Google’s algorithm. Anyway, with an agreed budget and our strategy, we corrected this ad account by using our preferred shopping campaign structure. We switched to manual ads to remove as much automating control from Google as possible and implemented our strategy.  It can’t be stressed enough how important it is to properly set up your Google Shopping campaign. It needs to be done correctly the first time or you are risking a lot of time wasted as you will have to backtrack and see where you have may have went wrong. Not to mention, if not done correctly, you will not get enjoy the luxury of Low CPCs, and an improving ad score which leads to more people seeing your ad and ultimately more sales.

See Real Results!

Meet Michael!

“Before we created this page, potential clients advised me that I should probably not use my image because I don’t look like a “marketer”. Imagine that…Here we are trying to make money and we are concerned with the exestentials. I can’t make you believe what we do is genuine, but I can encourage you to take me on a phone call or video call and ask me the tough questions. I am not afraid to show my face because I am confident in the service we provide. I know if you give me an hour of your time to talk strategy, you will leave with a clearer picture of how we can help you achieve your goals.”

This is a screen shot of a 2-year old store that I run and it is close to crossing over the $1 million mark! We started out with a budget of $20 per day and over a period of 3 months scaled to $200 per day.  It would take hours and hours to explain every detail to the steps taken to overcome obstacles, but in short, this result was achieved through a combination of  constant tinkering and experience. At this point,I’ve learned from and collaborated with some of the best in the industry and with this level of understanding and expertise, I am certain I can help others. The only thing I love more than a location independent lifestyle is watching people like you find success along your journey. I’ll tell you the cold hard truth and you may not like, heck you may even hate me for it, but I can tell you the strategy I will apply has worked for many and with the right elements in place, there is no reason why I can’t get it done for you.

Spent $146 and made $9.3k revenue at 22% margins

Here’s a look at another of my stores that uses this strategy. I initially started off with with a low daily budget and once the system was set up and in place, it was just a matter of refining and adjusting based on performance. Once the wheel starts spinning, there is no need to stop it and fix it again. This strategy allows me to bid very low for low converting search terms and bid competitively for high converting search terms. All the products I sell have a margin of 20% and higher. So on this day, I made $9,380 (revenue) $2,063.60 gross profit – $146 (ad spend) – $279.52 – (processing fees) = $1,638.08 net profit in total for one day

More Results

No Niche Hacks, No secret list of 'winning' products, no unheard of AI tool, just an immensely helpful Google Ad strategy that I use on all my stores.

Cutting corners, just getting by or poor management has no long-term sustainability for your business. It all catches up to you eventually. Instead, give great attention to the foundation as a strong foundation is essential for building anything big. Think of it like someone who studied a skill, had proper trainer from a teacher/coach and then after, flourished and developed that skill. This is our aim in offering this service. With this work done, you will learn how we run profitable campaigns and overtime become empowered to do the same and replicate it for every drop ship venture you embark on. We’re not just trying to catch fish for you, but also show you how you can do it too. 

Details of Service + Free Bonuses Included

Google Ads Set-up, Management & Optimization Service



We Value and Respect Your Privacy. We Also Hate Spam.


Google Retargeting


Bing Shopping set-up


Facebook Retargeting

Set-up time depends on the amount of products you have. This is not an overnight success strategy and usually requires 2 to 3 weeks to really start working. It’s a strategy aimed at equipping your drop ship store with a near full-proof Google shopping ad framework. Normally, we can complete this task within 5-7 business days after given access to your Google ads account. If you have thousands of products, then we will need to estimate a date of completion.

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Chat with one of our team members and see if our services match your businesses needs. Remember at the end of the day, its never about the value of the service, but instead of the value of the problem that we solve. Speak with Michael or Alexis Today and learn more about us!

Don't Upset The Balance!

Your Website has a Job too.

This process is about getting your website and ads to be in harmony with each other. Good ads won’t be nearly as effective if your website is not up to par. We will fully review your website and see if there are any loose ends that can be tied up. 

Personal Consulting

If you want to learn more, please message me on Linkedin and we can schedule a time to chat and answer all your questions.

Let Mike help you build a high-ticket drop-shipping business as he would his own.

“I am not selling you a pre-packaged course. This is you and I working 1-on-1 using all of my skills to get your business consistent sales and profitable months. I will teach you all the ins and outs of high-ticket drop shipping as well as some secrets I don’t share with anyone. With higher ticket items comes higher risk and it can be mind-numbing not knowing if you’re doing the right thing or not, or even worse, making a costly error. As well-detailed  as some courses are, some things just can’t be grasped in an online format and the end result is your stuck in a FB group bouncing ideas around with other random newbies. Having me on your side will make you more confident, professional and help you better understand HT drop shipping as a whole.”

-Michael H. Hunter

Adstronauts Digital Marketing
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