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Relationships Built On Trust

LinkedIn is a leading b2b networking platform for business professionals to interact, find work and build their professional network.

LinkedIn as a Service is an account management lead generation service. Build your network with the type of people you want to do business with. (e.g. Many accountants running their own business, need clients and LinkedIn is a great place for that.)

Businesses that value greatly from the acquisition of a new client.

There are two main goals with an added bonus with this service:

  1. Short-term: To turn high quality leads into long-term business. (accountants, bookkeepers, consultants, etc.)
  2.  Long-term: To build a robust referral network that can bring you more business via the referral agreement strategy we implement for you.


Overtime, your network will eventually grow to the point where you will be able to further build your business with content marketing directly from your account, sharing your professional skills with thousands of people in your network. People that you want to do business with. This can get you more leads and more business.

This processes requires your participation as well (2 surveys that  are essential to this process and you must complete). 

-Professionally redesign your LinkedIn Page.

– Identify your target market with specific keyword queries.

-Provide you with our framework for messaging your leads.

-Send out 100 connection requests per day with a potential of 3,000 connections per month. 

-Immediate notification when prospects wish to arrange meeting.

-Complete transparency and upfront communication.

Skip The Ads

This strategy is not paid ads. We are directly building relationships with your ideal client based on the feedback you give us.

Strong Relationships

We do all the nitty gritty work. The tedious tasks are handled by us. You schedule the appointments and close the deals.

Up to 3,000 p/m!

Our LIAAS service allows you to get up to 3,000 connections per month! Ideally, you can expect to close at least 1-3 per month.

Steadily Grow Your Network

Our strategy operates under a tried and tested framework. At the end of the first month, you can expect a few thousand more connections as well as well as high quality leads found as a result of your professional experience and our pinpoint keyword targeting. With LIAAS, it is not uncommon for clients to experience some type of growth. This is the first step to turning your LinkedIn account into a profitable asset.

Up to 3,000 Quality connections per month!

LinkedIn allows us to send out 100 connection request per day. With a 1-month plan, you can expect your network to grow by up to 3,000 new, qualified targets in your network. Of course, the likelihood of you getting a 100% connection rate is small, we generally expect anywhere from 2000 to 2500 connections per month.

Close 1 to 3 new deals per month

Closing 1 to 3 clients may not sound like a lot, but if you are in an industry where the value of closing one client can pay huge dividends, then this is an attractive feature of the LIAAS package as a profitable ROI asset for your business. Of course, we will handle all the in between stuff like, identifying your ideal target client, messaging them and once they show interest, we get you to schedule an appointment and close the deal.

Build a powerful referral network

Getting a few sales now sounds nice, but what really makes this package worth its weight in gold is the referral network that can built as a result of professionally/tactically growing your network. Just after your 1st month, you will have grown your network by thousands and depending on your goals, you can make agreements with other B2B or B2C professionals to refer clients/customers. This is long-term sustainability people!

Content Marketing Opportunities

The LIAAS service is not evergreen, meaning that given the amount of connections we are allowed to have, the ideal length of this service is 3-months. However, with a network of 10,000 connections, you will have an audience of thousands of highly targeted individuals that you can share useful content with and show that you are a master in your field which can lead to further deals closed/agreements made.

LinkedIn As a Service

Best Fit For:

Not the Best Fit For:

Note* This is Not Advertising

Our LinkedIn strategy is NOT advertising. This is a tedious service provided by us manually. At the moment, our strategy is highly effective in organically securing leads for your professional business, whether b2b or b2c. This method has proven to be far more effective than running LinkedIn Ads and we can expect to see at least 1 to 3 new deals for you after the 1st month.

1-month Plan

2-month Plan

3-month Plan

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