Managing Expectations: Understanding That You Get What You Give

We didn't fly into space overnight

Managing Expectations

This is the age old question when dealing with an unknown marketing service. We do not promise you overnight success. This practice requires patience, commitment, understanding and constant tinkering before the business can operate itself.

This largely depends on what phase your business is at in its development. If you are just starting out, it can take anywhere from 2 weeks after launching to 2 months to start seeing consistent business. Seasonality may also be a factor, so choosing a niche with little seasonality is always preferred.

It is nearly impossible to help someone who doesn’t truly believe they can be help. Skepticism, combativeness, and disregard largely will hinder our attempts to help you start, establish or grow your business.

Nothing is guaranteed and we don’t always hit a homerun on the first time at bat. That being said, it is important that you truly decide moving forward that there is a possibility that you may not get it 100% right the first time. Our clients can expect this process to be much smoother as we will utilize our years of experience to help you overcome difficult hurdles in this process.

Balancing Your Expectations

It is perfectly normal to have high expectations, but we’re not in the business of microwave results. Building a profitable long-term business takes careful timing and planning to reap the real benefits from operating business successfully online. Below, we go over in brief some aspects that can hinder or help your progress starting out.

Available Capital

With all the applications, services and tools available there is still a need for adequate capital before starting your venture. What do we mean? The amount of money invested into advertising, building out a beautiful, authoritative website and outsourcing all cost money. You are much more likely to attain faster results with a larger budget. However, that does not mean you need a large budget to get good results, it just means it may take more time to truly have reliable long-term data from which we can further plan and scale.

Knowledge of the Market

It’s great if you want to sell electric generators or your accounting services to someone, but how well do you know your market? Do you truly understand the pains that drive customers to part ways with their hard-earned money? For most, many start by choosing a niche they feel will be profitable and although your knowledge of that particular market may not be authoritative, this will develop overtime. What do you customers want? How do your competitors act? What is your competitive offer?

Your Website Is Your Vehicle

Your website is your vehicle for getting from point A to point B. Consider what. At its foundation, we as humans naturally gravitate towards nice things. This is no different for your website. Your website needs to show customers that they can trust you and make them feel comfortable with giving you their money..

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