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No More Than 1-Hour of Your time To Push Your Business In The Right Direction.

Discussing your needs with us is the best way to effectively communicate your goals and also gives us an opportunity to learn more about you as well. If you would like to schedule a meeting, you can do so below and our Director, Michael will get in touch with you.

First Time? Here's What You need.

It Helps to have...

  • A SMART (sensible, measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Time-bound) goal in mind For your Business.
  • Clear understanding of your ideal client/customer.
  • Current Hours committed to working in business (not on!)
  • Latest Results (if any).

You Do not Need...

  • Cash, your first consultation is 100% Free!
  • An established website/business to get started. We can accommodate your venture regardless of its stage.
  • To feel hesitant or apprehensive, we want you to feel empowered after our discussion and we avoid using terminology that will confuse you.

Discover More with Our PPC Strategy

After You Book Your Strategy session as a limited time offer we are offering PPC management services for 50% Off for 7 days after your completed strategy session.


Talk is Cheap! See real results from past clients.

We are nice people, B- grade salesmen an A+ experts. See real results from real businesses that we have helped!

We Really do this and look forward to forming a long-term relationship built off reliability and trust.

A Strategy session, otherwise known as consultation, or advising, is the foundation of assessing and identifying potential areas that can be exploited as well understanding your businesses SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and Threats). We display full professionalism during these meetings and you can expect to complete meetings with a better idea of who we are the values we hold dear. 

Are Strategy Sessions Mandatory?

No. They are Not, but highly recommended. There are a variety of ways this meeting can be conducted, but we find that video/phone chat via Skype or zoom is most effective. You may also inquire via live-chat, e-mail or via Facebook/LinkedIn.

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